Tax Registrations

We register individuals and other entities (e.g. trusts, companies, non-profit entities) for tax - be it income tax, VAT, PAYE, customs, UIF or SDL. We also register persons on the SARS e-filing platform.


Tax clearance certificates

We help clients obtain tax clearance certificates timeously so that they are not hindered from taking full advantage of all business opportunities available to them.


Tax compliance

We prepare and submit income tax, VAT, PAYE, provisional tax and dividend tax returns for individuals, companies and trusts.


Tax Advisory

We provide the following tax advisory services:

  • Tax and estate planning for entities (i.e. corporate reorganisations) and individuals. This service is provided to forward-thinking taxpayers who would like to plan ahead and be proactive in minimising their tax expense.
  • SARS audits – we provide excellent support by engaging with SARS on your behalf to ensure that a SARS audit does not cause you undue hardship.
  • Tax risk assessments – if you were to be audited by SARS today, what would they find? We help you identify various areas where you may be at risk.
  • Voluntary disclosure to SARS – we help you identify instances in the past where you paid less tax than you were supposed to, but SARS has not discovered this yet. You would like to come clean and fix these past mistakes by paying the additional tax you owe. Fortunately, the law allows you to do so without incurring the penalties that would apply if SARS were to discover these mistakes on their own. We can assist you with this process.
  • Offshore tax planning – we assist taxpayers who would like to establish a business presence in a foreign country
  • Exchange control – there are various SARS and reserve bank rules that apply when you want to move money out of the country. We provide speedy assistance in these sorts of matters.


Tax debts

Where you find yourself in the unfortunate position of owing a lot of tax and want to know what options are available to you, we can assist with the following:

  • Settlements and compromises – you evaded tax, were audited by SARS and were found to have engaged in tax evasion. Now you have a massive tax debt, which threatens the very survival of your business. You know you were wrong but sometimes the simple reality is that you just cannot pay the debt. We assist such taxpayers by negotiating with SARS to have a portion of the debt reduced.
  • Restructuring of debt – JDK makes use of compromises with creditors (as per section 155 of the Companies Act) and facilitates debt restructuring for over-indebted clients who are struggling to pay SARS.
  • Paying tax in installments – sometimes the issue is not that you cannot pay your tax debt, it’s that you cannot pay it all at once. In such cases the law allows taxpayers to enter into installment payment agreements with SARS, where the tax can be paid in monthly installments. Alternatively, you can arrange to pay the entire tax debt in a few months’ time because that is when the cash to pay will be available to you.
  • Penalties – where you have incurred various SARS penalties, we look for ways to reduce them using the various solutions available in the tax law.

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Tax disputes

Sometimes disputes with SARS are unavoidable. In such cases we assist with:

  • Objections and appeals – did you know you can lose a case against SARS simply because you did not give proper grounds for objecting or appealing SARS’ tax treatment of certain items? We can therefore assist you by articulating why we believe SARS is incorrect in its interpretation of the law.
  • Tax board and tax court representation – these two platforms are available to taxpayers who would like to appeal SARS’ negative findings against them during the objection process.
  • Suspension of payments – even though you may have submitted an objection or appeal, SARS still requires you to pay the disputed amount of tax upfront. We assist taxpayers who are not in the financial position to do this by applying to have the payment suspended until the objection or appeal has been finalised.
  • Tax ombud representation – where you have followed all SARS protocol and timelines in attempting to resolve your tax matter but the issue persists, we are able to help you take your matter to the tax ombudsman.


Collaboration with fellow accounting and tax professionals

You are an accountant with your own firm, but do not have the proper tax experience to handle some of your clients’ more complicated tax problems. Don’t stress yourself, we can work together. We’ll do the taxes and you can focus on what you’re passionate about: accounting and auditing.